Benefits of PHP Web Development

There are many server side scripting languages available for Tampa Web development services. One of the most popular of this language is PHP. It is important to note that this server side scripting language is currently used by most programmer and designers around the world for the use of creating web applications and websites.


These days, companies and individuals hire a dedicated PHP programmer to help in fulfilling their web development requirements on a regular basis. However, while there are some other server sides scripting languages in use, this article is about highlighting the benefits of PHP web development.

For a start, PHP is an open source programming language which can be downloaded from the internet at no cost. This has put the popularity rating of this language at an all-time high especially among some Tamper web designers and web developers who are running on tight budgets. Since PHP is developed from C++ programming language and most developers are very comfortable with C++, it therefore makes the language very easy to understand and the code easy to write.

Another benefit of PHP web development is the fact that it is considered by experts as search engine friendly and as such it helps to drive much more traffic to websites than others. It is no wonder Tamper web development services often use the language as it becomes a win scenario for both the developer and the client. It is important to note that the PHP web development offer a great deal of compatibility which provides the web developer the advantage of making it work with other technologies. For example, PHP is compatible with all operating system like Windows, Linux and Mac. It is also compatible with almost every database server but has MySql database as the most compatible.

It is also important to note that PHP offers various extensions and framework which helps and allows developers to create some regular functionalities like the content management system, profile system management, back end admin among others in a short time interval. For example, Tampa web developers can include any kind of functionality in websites while reducing the cost of the total project development.

On a final note, it is advisable for Non information Technology companies to always hire a dedicated PHP web developers to take charge of their web development needs while the concentrate on their core responsibilities. This will help in saving time and cost of web development projects.

PHP Development- Language Carrying Lucrative Web Benefits


What Are The Current Best Tactics To Rank On The Search Engine?

Using Search Engine Optimization famously known by the acronym SEO is a phenomenon that any business that wants to make profit cannot avoid. The recent technological dynamics dictate that SEO usage is necessary if you want to stay on top of the game.

However, you will not just wake up one day and find yourself on top of the pile. There are things that you need to do if you are to achieve that dream. Given the fact that Search Engine Optimization is a broad field, you will need to optimize various ways to increase your rankings.

Google Ranking Factors

Factors that contribute to SEO ranking

Search engines want to deliver the best content to its audience in the most convenient way. To do that, there are factors that should be considered . The following are such factors:

  • Quality of content
  • Quality of links
  • Website structure
  • Website code
  • Social shares
  • Social shares

Through a sustained outreach and marketing campaign, SEO influences the above factors. The combination of all those increase the ranking of a website. A website has more visibility to users if it ranks higher.

So how do you get the website to rank higher?

  • Unique content- The content of an SEO site has to be unique. Good quality content has the ability to generate interest hence increase your site’s ranking. Obviously, the keywords that you insert have to be relevant to the content.
  • Insert keywords- Adding keywords in titles make them better. Keywords are the expressions that potential customers seek when looking for a specific page. Including the relevant keyword in your title and the content will assist people identify the fact that they contain the information they want. Using alternative words and disparities for the terms that people might be looking for in order to grade for a disparate of keywords such that are “long tail”.
  • Involve native users- Searching for local users who are looking for local goods and services is very essential for local businesses. Schemes for grading in resident search outcomes are numerous. This includes creating a page in Google + for your business providing your credentials on each page in addition to requesting for certifications in indigenous business manuals.
  • Enhancing Meta tags- Meta tags contain data about what is included on the page. The data may not be visible when viewing the page but it is used by the search engines when ranking the websites. Therefore, you should make sure that the meta tags are correctly formatted. This includes entering a title tag, description and keywords.
  • Involve social platforms- Nowadays; businesses want opportunistically use all the means available to extend to prospective customers. That encompasses retaining an active presence in social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other social media.
  • Outline your plan-It is advisable to carefully study your sites’ fundamental code and ensuring that it is organized such that the Google and its peers can comprehend. This makes them ensure that the website is being put in a relevant search result.
  • Refresh the technical details- You should consider some of your site’s technical aspects such as load times and URL redirects. If you do that, you will also ensure that you maximize the performance of your site.

 Practicing the above factors plus many others will ensure that your site ranks higher in search engines.

Weighting the Clusters of Ranking Factors in Google’s Algorithm


Top Most Popular Content Management Systems In The World

A content management system (CMS in short), is a web based application created to make it simple and efficient for non-technical people to put, edit and manage content of a website.

The era of making website by hand-coding with HTML and CSS language is long behind us. Nowadays, you only need to buy a hosting and set up a CMS and within a few minutes you can build a website which appears very attractive, showing all the content that you want to share with the whole world.You will find lots of options when considering to picking a CMS for a web development project. In this article, I have listed some of the most popular and free to use CMSs on the web.


WordPress:WordPress is undoubtedly the most commonly used CMS in the world. This application is based on MySQL and PHP and is used to develop website or blog. It started as a blogging platform; however,nowadaysWordpress is so powerful that you can create almost all kinds of website using it. It is totally free and open source CMS. Over 60 million websites are powered by WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins are available that will help you to convert your website into anything you imagine.


Drupal:This is another very popular opensource Content Management System, applied in millions of website and application.Utilizing Drupal, you can create any type of websites, starting from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Drupal is also very customizable; there are thousands of modules and themes are available which help you to customize your website. Drupal can be applied in creating advanced database management website although you need to have a little technical knowledge to do this.Like wodpress, Drupal has also a large community support with numerous IRC channels, discussion boards, and even face-to-face meet-ups.


Joomla:Joomla is a sophisticated award-winning content management system in terms of its functionality. Using Joomla, you can easily create websites and powerful online applications. This is aopen-source CMS which follows Object Oriented Programming(OOP) strategies and uses MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL as database management system. Like WordPress and Drupal it is based on PHP programming language.


ExpressionEngine:ExpressionEngine is one of the most powerful and flexible CMS platform for any type of project. This CMS is developed by EllisLab and the base code of this platform is built on EllisLab’s open source MVC based framework Codeigniter. This capabilities are almost same to those in the Big Three(WordPress, Joomla and Drupal). But, it does not have the type of extensive ecosystem you’ll find with the open source CMS. That is, fewer training resources, fewer add-ons and fewer developers who’re acquainted with this CMS.


TextPattern: TextPattern is one of the most overlooked CMSs available in the web. This is a very versatile CMS which is very easy to use and easily customizable. Textpattern is a popular option for developers because of its simplicity. Like ExpressionEngine, TextPattern does not have a wide range of modules, themes or templates.

CMS Comparison: Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress