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Top Most Popular Content Management Systems In The World

A content management system (CMS in short), is a web based application created to make it simple and efficient for non-technical people to put, edit and manage content of a website.

The era of making website by hand-coding with HTML and CSS language is long behind us. Nowadays, you only need to buy a hosting and set up a CMS and within a few minutes you can build a website which appears very attractive, showing all the content that you want to share with the whole world.You will find lots of options when considering to picking a CMS for a web development project. In this article, I have listed some of the most popular and free to use CMSs on the web.


WordPress:WordPress is undoubtedly the most commonly used CMS in the world. This application is based on MySQL and PHP and is used to develop website or blog. It started as a blogging platform; however,nowadaysWordpress is so powerful that you can create almost all kinds of website using it. It is totally free and open source CMS. Over 60 million websites are powered by WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins are available that will help you to convert your website into anything you imagine.


Drupal:This is another very popular opensource Content Management System, applied in millions of website and application.Utilizing Drupal, you can create any type of websites, starting from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Drupal is also very customizable; there are thousands of modules and themes are available which help you to customize your website. Drupal can be applied in creating advanced database management website although you need to have a little technical knowledge to do this.Like wodpress, Drupal has also a large community support with numerous IRC channels, discussion boards, and even face-to-face meet-ups.


Joomla:Joomla is a sophisticated award-winning content management system in terms of its functionality. Using Joomla, you can easily create websites and powerful online applications. This is aopen-source CMS which follows Object Oriented Programming(OOP) strategies and uses MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL as database management system. Like WordPress and Drupal it is based on PHP programming language.


ExpressionEngine:ExpressionEngine is one of the most powerful and flexible CMS platform for any type of project. This CMS is developed by EllisLab and the base code of this platform is built on EllisLab’s open source MVC based framework Codeigniter. This capabilities are almost same to those in the Big Three(WordPress, Joomla and Drupal). But, it does not have the type of extensive ecosystem you’ll find with the open source CMS. That is, fewer training resources, fewer add-ons and fewer developers who’re acquainted with this CMS.


TextPattern: TextPattern is one of the most overlooked CMSs available in the web. This is a very versatile CMS which is very easy to use and easily customizable. Textpattern is a popular option for developers because of its simplicity. Like ExpressionEngine, TextPattern does not have a wide range of modules, themes or templates.

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